Buy trailers from the expert welders in Traralgon

Purchase you next trailer or repair your one current with us!

A trailer can serve a thousand uses, from transporting your recreational vehicles to serving as the perfect way to transport your work supplies. S Cattanach Welding is the leading place to buy trailers in Traralgon.

We have a comprehensive selection of trailers to choose from, with models featuring cages, covers, and more. Speak to the professional expert welders at S Cattanach Welding the next time you need to buy or repair trailers. 


a trailer after welders repaired it in Traralgon

Our standard trailer selection includes sturdy, reliable models that will serve you well for years to come. We make trailers for:

  • tradesmen 
  • farmers 
  • boating 
  • off road
  • custom orders

At S Cattanach Welding you're sure to get a top quality work that will serve you well for a long time to come. Get exactly what you're after by giving us a call today!

Welding & repairs

welders working on sheet metal in Traralgon

S Cattanach Welding in Traralgon is home to a team of professional welders that can help you maintain or repair your trailer. Our welders are able to provide a range of welding services such as:

  • arc welding 
  • car panel welding 
  • diesel welding 
  • MIG welding 
  • mobile welding 
  • pipe bending 
  • pressure welding 
  • TIG welding 
  • truck panel welding 
  • general weld repairs

Custom trailers

a custom made trailer by welders in Traralgon

If we don't have exactly what you're after, the team at S Cattanach Welding can custom-design a trailer for you. Our services for this include:

  • fabricating 
  • modification to trailers 
  • pipe fabrication and welding 
  • advice on best solutions

Whatever your specifications, our experts in Traralgon will give you professional advice as to the job you had in mind.